Salon Du Chocolat is a talented Chocolatier that provides chocolate lover’s with some of the most creative and mouth-watering chocolate creations in the industry.

From its humble beginning, Salon Du Chocolat has been providing chocolate lovers with the highest quality, most delicious and mouthwatering chocolates that many regard as the best in the industry.

Using only the finest ingredients that were carefully selected from Belgium chocolate suppliers, including 100% cocoa butter; one will embrace in the exotic aromas and velvety texture of our handmade pralines, truffles and other specialties.

Here at Salon Du Chocolat we offer a limitless choice of chocolate creations, and we pride ourselves on attention to detail. Our philosophy is to produce the highest quality, prestigious gifts to an elite group of chocolate indulgers.

About Us

Salon Du Chocolat combines an appreciation for the finer things in life with chocolate artistry to create exquisite, handcrafted chocolates that look and taste delicious.

Why Us

Our chocolate is flavoured with premium cocoa beans, processed fastidiously in small batches.