About Us

Salon Du Chocolat combines an appreciation for the finer things in life with chocolate artistry to create exquisite, handcrafted chocolates that look and taste delicious. Reserved for those that expect nothing less than perfection, our chocolate creations have been satisfying chocolate connoisseurs since our humble beginnings.

Whatever the season, our luxury chocolate collection will help you do it in style - delivered as quality gifts, our gourmet chocolates will certainly be the talking point of any celebration, and leave your guests craving for more.

At Salon Du Chocolat we use unique and quality ingredients and adhere to traditional old world methods, to produce confectionary to the finest of international standards.

To some, our chocolates are regarded as a luxury affordable to the selected few; however those that have tried it say there’s no price tag to put on the quality we deliver, and they always come back for more. Whether as a gift for that special occasion, or for your own personal indulgence, Salon Du Chocolat is here to stay.