Why Us

Our chocolate is flavoured with premium cocoa beans, processed fastidiously in small batches. Manufacturing chocolate right where the cocoa originates allows us to try to our own ferment which provides a true advantage in making the best from the most advanced type of beans. We also use our own special cocoa butter derived from fine-flavoured cocoa, which allows a luxurious richness and chocolaty flavour.

We roast the cocoa beans in-house to make sure the company's signature flavour profile is systematically maintained through all our chocolate production. We use a special preparation method where we take away the outer shell from the beans then roast the tiny nibs within; this allows the nibs to measure fairly uniform in size, and permits us to manage temperature and time, thus creating our own unique flavour.

Our unique chocolate can be recognized by its texture and flavour, which provides the taste buds a crescendo of pleasure. The wonderful styles and individual forms of this chocolate artistry, is there to be enjoyed.

Only the very best, natural ingredients are used; there are no additives, no synthetic seasonings or colourings, this is chocolate at its very best and the pleasure is entirely yours!