Salon Du Chocolate


With ingredients freshly prepared each day, you can be sure of a fantastic dining experience while bathing in the rich aroma of delicate mixes, robust savouries and a luxurious coffee bean blend.


At Salon Du Chocolat we offer a variety of waffles from the Liege sugar waffle, Brussels waffle, Fruit waffle and the Syrup waffle. Each served with a beautiful blend of flavours.


Every day is ‘Pancake Day’! at Salon Du Chocolat is the perfect restaurant for fluffy buttermilk pancakes, appetising snacks and scrumptious breakfasts and lunches. Delicious pancakes are only part of our story!

Welcome To Our Cafe

It’s the perfect environment to catch-up with friends, meet colleagues and business associates, and recharge with a snack or meal.

Salon Du Chocolate

Our Creations

Made with Good Quality Cocoa

Mix Platter

A 3-tier mix plate of fruits chocolate fondue so you can enjoy the dipping.

Dip Sticks

A skewer of your choice and dip in chocolate.

Stuff in a Cup

Three Shooter glass each filled with our premium chocolate.

Salon Du Chocolate

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