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Salon Du Chocolate

Our Story

A Unique Concept

Salon Du Chocolat is an exquisite and high-class chocolate café serving an assortment of sweet and succulent desserts and drinks. All are created by our premium selection of chocolate, handled by well-trained staff.

Who We Are

Founded in 2011, Salon Du Chocolat is an impeccable chocolate café, serving a large variety of desserts, fresh coffees and signature chocolate drinks destined to bring warmth and happiness to individuals. We use only the most high-class ingredients that bring harmonious glints to dishes created with such ingredients, such as our light and fluffy crepes, our soft waffles with crispy edges, our smooth pancakes and our luscious assortment of fruits. All are handled and created with care.


Salon Du Chocolat sprang to life from two men, father and son, who both shared a vision, to make chocolate desserts unique and enjoyable. They both wanted everybody to fall in love with chocolate as much as they do, so they took this overwhelming idea and started it in Hong Kong in 2002, following the incredible success of the first outlet they decided to open in Malaysia. Where it becomes even more successful, so they planned to move to a bigger franchise of chocolate café that had been thriving ever since.

Our Mission

To offer the world an enjoyable selection of chocolate desserts and beverages, complimented by carefully and deliciously prepared dishes and drinks, all in a warm and fragrant atmosphere. We also strive to give chocolate cafes a new look to improve the premium services performed.

High Standards

High quality cocoa beans personally hand picked.

Recipes and Quality

All recipes are unique to the Salon Du Chocolat Cafés.

Brand and Reputation

Since 1941, Salon Du Chocolat make chocolates to create happiness.

Customer Service

We are dedicated to delivering superior customer experience.

Rich and creamy

Check out our wide range of handmade chocolates, choco shakes, frappes, hot chocolates and much more. There’s something for everybody at the chocolate room!

Smooth and Highly Refined

From Cocoa Bean Chocolate

Cleansing of the beans

Grinding the nibs

Pressing the mass

Mixing the ingredients




Quality control during the process


Chef’s inspiration